6-HR Defensive Driving Course
It is a comprehensive driver safety course which provides knowledge and techniques for safe and lawful driving.
The classroom course is 320 minutes long. It is presented in one or more sessions. The course must include essential information about traffic safety. It must cover these and other topics: driver attitude and behavior, defensive driving techniques, and the Vehicle & Traffic Law.
6-HR Defensive Driving Course
Completing an approved course will
  • refresh your driving knowledge
  • help to prevent you from losing your license in the event you accrued 11 or more points on your driving record
  • reduce the base rate of your auto and motorcycle insurance premiums 10% each year for three years
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45 minutes Driving lesson
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60 minutes Driving lesson
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HIGHWAY driving lessons
Suitable for those who are confident enough to drive around the city, but feel uncomfortable when driving on the highway
120 minutes HIGHWAY driving lessons
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